Hi Michelle,

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I felt about my mother after I spent a few days visiting with her at Southern Hospitality Home. There is peace- which is what we all want for our loved ones in the last months/years of their lives- but there is also energy! I found myself smiling after I met your assistant manager, Linda…she exudes the same positive energy and good feelings that you do. I was delighted. Both chefs were awesome and the food was too. Please tell Rosalinda that I didn’t think I liked sweet potato pie until I tasted hers…wow! And Larry even gave me a recipe for his delicious spinach soufflé. Nothing like people who take pride in their work. All the caretakers were exceptional!

Thanks for listening, as always.

Ann Haslanger

Hi Michelle and Happy Easter!

We just got back from Hawaii yesterday afternoon and I’m trying to catch up on my correspondence. First and foremost your staff is waaaay beyond awesome! Chae sent me a picture this morning that brought tears to my eyes. The love, understanding, patience, compassion, and humor your staff has shown my mom has been her life ring. I saw in that picture one of the first glimpses I have had of the Mom I knew over six years ago. It has taken almost a year, but being at your home of Southern Hospitality has, through love and the grace of God, repaired so much of the emotional damage that was done to her over her last year in Florida. You all are one of my life’s blessings and my heart will forever be grateful!

Will deep appreciation,

(Name left out for privacy purposes)


You have a fabulous core staff. I’m loving seeing them supported and appreciated. They are the best I’ve seen either in Texas, Florida or Michigan.

Thanks you,

Dear Southern Hospitality Team,

What a wonderful blessing each one of you is to our mom and every resident here at Southern Hospitality Home. Thank you for your smiles, your patience, and your dedication as you work each day.

Laura Davis