Southern Hospitality Home accepts residents requiring most levels of care. We are a private licensed “Small Type B” assisted living facility with a capacity of 15 residents. We provide 24 hour, comprehensive care to all residents.  Our staff are licensed, certified, and professionally trained caretakers who validate each residents’ individuality with acceptance and attention.

The overnight staff remains awake during the overnight hours to assist residents when needed.  At maximum capacity, our ratio is 1 caregiver to 7 residents between 6 am and 9 pm. 

State licensure as a “Small Type B” home requires a fully automated fire sprinkler system in all rooms, including closets and bathrooms.  Staff are trained to assist residents for evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Staff order and supervise all medications.  A registered nurse is a member of our staff.  A board-certified internist makes house calls as needed, but residents are free to use their own medical doctors.

Residents who qualify may receive Medicare-reimbursed in-home therapies and rehabilitation on site with the assistance of a home health agency. 

Each resident receives a 30 minute therapeutic massage from a licensed massage therapist, indeed the highlight of their week!

The full-time program director holds a degree in Gerontology and has been with Southern Hospitality Home since 1998.  He coordinates a variety of therapeutic programs which contribute to our stimulating atmosphere.   

Southern Hospitality Home is situated in a quiet, established neighborhood in Central Austin, across from a park. The area has level streets, perfect for resident walks.  A screened porch faces the park, allowing the residents to enjoy watching neighbors stroll their children and exercise their dogs.   

To maintain continence and to ensure cleanliness, we offer regular toileting schedules.  For their safety, we assist residents with all manners of personal hygiene and grooming when needed.

Fresh nutritious meals are prepared and served by professional chefs.  Because proper nutrition is vital to our residents’ well-being, we specialize in pro-health cuisine that is heart-healthy (low in sodium and saturated fat, high in fiber).

Our services focus on fostering the residents’ independence with scheduled toileting to maintain continence, walks and exercises to maintain physical strength and flexibility, encouragement and praise to maintain integrity and self-respect.

We also provide respite care and adult day services through special arrangement.