Is your facility licensed?

Yes, by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (TxDADS), as a “Small Type B” residence for a maximum of 15 clients

What is the difference between “Small Type A” and “Small Type B” homes?

Type A Type B
Overnight staff may be awakened by resident bell. Overnight staff must be awake the entire shift.
Resident must be able to exit independently from the home in case of an emergency. A resident may be assisted by staff to exit the home in case of an emergency.
A fire sprinkler system is not required. A fully automated and regularly serviced fire sprinkler system is required in all rooms.

What is your staff ratio?
At maximum capacity, we have 1 direct caregiver for every 7 residents between the hours of 6 am- 9 pm. During the overnight hours, one staff remains awake to assure a restful night for all.

How do you know if your home is right for my family member or friend?
All persons suffering from the many varied frustrations and pain associated with chronic illness or simply advanced age will find a warm, accepting family environment with many supportive outlets.  Perhaps the best way to determine this for yourself would be to visit us.

Under what circumstances will a resident no longer be appropriate for your Home?

  • when a physician recommends 24 hour skilled nursing care.
  • when unplanned behaviors -verbal or physical- compromising the quality of life for others cannot be successfully managed by medications

What types of activities do your residents enjoy?

Please see the activities page.

May residents choose her/his own primary care physician?
Yes, residents are free to choose their own doctors, or they may elect to be seen at the Home by an internal medicine physician whose “house calls” practice focuses primarily on the aged population.

Do you accept Medicare or Long Term Care insurance as payment?
Medicare does not reimburse for assisted living services; however, due to the level of nursing care we provide, Long Term Care insurance will.

How much do you charge?
The fee per resident is dependent upon the level of care.

All residents are provided the following: housing, meals, assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), laundry service, housekeeping, variety of activities, medication ordering and supervision, and a weekly 30 minute massage. Beyond the basics, residents fall into three categories with pricing changes dependent upon the care level.

  • Lowest  care level: These residents are capable of getting up and down from a chair without caregiver assistance, but may require an ambulatory device such as a walker or cane. These residents are continent and need minimal assistance with bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene.
  • Moderate care level: These residents may be partially continent or incontinent.  A caregiver is required for assistance with transferring, ambulation, bathing, personal hygiene, and dressing.
  • Highest care level: These residents are incontinent, require feeding assistance, may be unable to communicate their needs, and require total assistance with ADLs.

What meals are provided?
Our professional chefs provide three fresh, home-cooked meals and nutritious afternoon snacks.  The evening meal is the lightest of the day.

Do you have private rooms?
We have 5 individual rooms and 5 shared rooms.  Shared rooms are occupied by no more than 2 people.

Are telephones and televisions available for residents?
The living room has a television and dedicated phone line for residents.  Enjoyment of the outdoors and participation in activities better serve our residents than simply watching TV. 

Do you provide transportation for residents?
We only provide transportation in the event of a medical emergency and no local family members or friends are in town to assist.