Sample Weekly Activities Calendar:

  • Sunday: Vertical Squares (or Hangman), Range of Motion – Ball Toss Exercise, Short Story, Bingo
  • Monday:  Lawrence Welk, Individualized Exercise
  • Tuesday:  Stretch & Limber, Yahtzee, Dumbbell Workout, Trivia Tuesday
  • Wednesday:  Super Intense Workout, Words from Word, Music of Your Life
  • Thursday:  Stretch & Limber, Bingo, Dumbbell Workout, Jumbles (or Categories, Pictionary, 20 Questions)
  • Friday: Individualized Activities, Movie on Video, Book of Questions
  • Saturday: Stretch & Limber, Limericks, Baking Club, Dumbbell Workout, Group Crossword, Evening Blackjack

Weather permitting, residents take assisted “strolls” outdoors.

Massage therapist schedules weekly 30 minute massages for each resident.

Special activities are held in honor of holidays, including:

  • St. Patrick’s Day, July 4th, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Christmas, Easter and St. Valentine’s Day

Once every two months, a singer/guitarist comes to Southern Hospitality Home to entertain our residents.